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You're a Sociopath

by El Búho Cósmico

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We sat on some steps on the side of hill in the middle of town, off a road that goes nowhere. Stairs, that go nowhere. We went walking at three A.M. Moon was full, and the night was bright. Winter weather brings the cold and the quiet. I said something like, "Everybody needs somebody, and I can't always be around, so I'm gonna be the somebody that you need right now." Now I haven't broken but I've bent the bind of those words I said. Cars and stones had never broke your bones, but it's different this time your done. It wasn't supposed to be this way, we weren't supposed to flip sides. I don't deserve to be okay, you didn't deserve to die.
I woke up today and cleaned up our mess, half drank beers and empty packs of cigarettes that laid there all week while I stared at the ceiling. Sometimes it seems that some bonds are stronger, that some wounds take longer to heal. Losing someone you love is hard. I don't know how I'm supposed to cope so I guess I'll just drink all day, and chain smoke my pain away. Sometimes it seems that some bonds are stronger, that some wounds take longer to heal. Sometimes things just fall apart sometimes things just don't work out, sometimes. sometimes.
Fall Apart 02:56
The earth is not a cold and dead place, it's just a giant rock hurling in space. With an ever connected web of minds that are both different and not, at the same time. Let's look at the web that we wove, it's both of our fault that we lost control. I always did my best to help you, but I couldn't so what could I do? I watched you fall apart, why couldn't I just pick up the pieces? I could mend a broken heart or I wish I could anyway.
Marigold 02:35
Bury all the marigold, beneath the bedroom where you stole two kisses from her lips. Tears were shed and morals bled, pedals were plucked, something in the heart beat like a drum. Is this love I don't know but tonight I'm gonna find out. We kiss without hesitation no reservation we dangle our feet from the highest places. In the crowd of the sad, and the crowd of the mad we are the only smiling faces. The morning light was blocked by dusty dirty blinds and I could hear your vodka kisses shouting fight fight fight FIGHT! Is this love? I don't know but tonight I'm gonna find out.


You're a Sociopath is the last EP from El Búho Cósmico before the full length they've been building up to since before their actual formation.
El Búho Cósmico would like to thank 1919, the Boiled Owl, our friends, family and everyone who's come to a show, supported touring bands, booked us, recorded us, and loved us. Because we love you.


released November 19, 2016

El Búho Cósmico is:
Alejandro Mendez- Guitar/Vocals
Janett Loza- Bass
Fidel Pecina- Drums
Duck Armstrong- Guitar/Vocals.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland Recording in September of 2016

All songs performed by El Búho Cósmico.
Tracks 1-4 Written by El Búho Cósmico
Track 5 originally written by Mother Falcon, rearranged by Duck Armstrong.




El Búho Cósmico Fort Worth, Texas

El Buho Cosmico are a space punk band from Fort Worth, Texas. They'd like to be somewhere between ambient post-rock, and four chord punk. They blew it.

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