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This split is the first step in the evolution of these two bands
A few years ago Tilly(!) and Battles with Art played together often, and filled the same niche in the folk/punk scene in DFW, but now Battles with Art is El Buho Cosmico, and Tilly is in Austin playing as Kitchen Roach with Tyler Hyatt. To commemorate both their history, and growth, they decided to release a split together.


released June 6, 2016

El Buho Cosmico's half was tracked by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording in Denton,TX
Kitchen Roach's half was tracked by Duck Armstrong in their home in Austin, TX
Both halves were mixed/mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording.

Kitchen Roach is;
Tilly Hawkins: Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Hyatt: Accordion.

El Buho Cosmico is;
Alejandro Mendez: Vocals, Guitar
Duck Armstrong: Vocals, Guitar
Fidel Pecina: Drums
Janett Loza: Bass




El Búho Cósmico Fort Worth, Texas

El Buho Cosmico are a space punk band from Fort Worth, Texas. They'd like to be somewhere between ambient post-rock, and four chord punk. They blew it.

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Track Name: El Buho Cosmico - Separate Sides
I don't feel very close to people. I have people that I care about but even they feel miles away, I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm sorry.
We can sleep on our separate sides, in the empty room of my mind and that is as close as we will ever be, I'm so sorry.
We be confined to a small space, but trying to keep as far away. And that is not fair to you, we're not family crammed in a tent, maybe brothers on a hotel bed..
Maybe brothers on a hotel bed...
Track Name: El Buho Cosmico - Obligations, don't y'know
Laying on my couch, listening to Redemption again, whispering as I always do I don't think I can do this. Tried to fill the hole with parties in forests, thinking again and again..."This is not my scene this is killing me..."
I have an apartment, a fridge full of beer. A floor covered in friends I should be happy! But Hannah reminds me...
You don't have to feel obligated. You don't have to feel responsible. You don't have to do this, if you want to change anything just fix it.
"Tell my friends, that I love them"
"Because if you're not losing, you're not growing up."
"And I remind me.."
You don't have to feel obligated. You don't have to feel responsible. You don't have to do this if you want to change anything just fix it.!
Track Name: Kitchen Roach - Still Numb
The glass is almost empty, but the bottle is young. Drink till you're not thinking the thoughts you're hiding from. But they're not gone forever, they'll be back tomorrow. To wake you in the morning, to remind you that you're hollow. 'Cause you dropped your heart some time ago. Left it on the ground with the dirty clothes, and your lungs are buried in the back yard. Useless, soaked with tar. But your brain keeps wandering on. Look at you, you fucking mess. It's alright, keep on. You can't get the smell of last night out of your clothes, and you're pretty sure you've lost the feeling in one or more of your toes. And when's the last time that you washed your hair? All the people around you stop to stare. They just wanna see what misery looks like. Look at you, you fucking wreck. It's alright, keep on. I'm bleeding, feeling resttless, and out of touch. Look at you, you fucking wreck. It's alright, keep on.
Track Name: Kitchen Roach - Conservation of Mass
The birds can pick at my eyes. Give my body to the world. May it use it better than I could, may it use it for more good. Cause my bones are no different when they give away their calcium. It's the same fucking element, whether it's there or it's here. Hey are you there? Please I'm scared. Will you remember me? Or will you take this opportunity? Breathe, there's nothing. You're trembling everywhere. Have I disappeared?Cause you never seem to notice when I'm here. Hey are there? Please I am scared.